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TL;DR: ZenDen removes the mental load of organizing housework and fairly shares tasks between housemates.

Our Story

Are you overwhelmed by your mental list of housework, or in need of a fairer way to share tasks? Let ZenDen be your house manager.

When you share with a housemate, we’ll equitably rotate task assignments. Add recurring tasks – and never think again about how long it’s been since someone cleaned the shower. Our home view lets you focus on only what you need to do today, then get your zen on with that “inbox zero” feeling. We know that everyone gets busy and schedules change. So we make it easy to skip, snooze, or reassign your tasks, and our “Keep it Fair” functionality automatically adjusts task distribution.

You can create reminders, shared grocery lists, and more with one-off tasks (and even use the app as a personal to-do list). And if your house needs a little accountability, check up on what got done by who with the History filter.

ZenDen automatically syncs across all your housemate’s devices. Real-time changes are reflected instantly. You can access everything offline, and the app will sync when you’re connected again.

Your Data

We believe your data should only belong to you, so we built this app a little differently. We don’t store anything on our servers or use tracking or product metrics. Everything is in your personal iCloud account, and only you and your housemates can see the data. Read more in our privacy policy.

Why Did We Make This?

Alice Avery and Peter Livesey are a husband-wife indie dev team who spent 18 months traveling the world. They wanted to make sure that when they settled down afterward, they kept stress from ruling their lives. ZenDen came out of a desire to prevent the mental load caused by the second shift – the taxing energy spent organizing and following up on what needs to be done around the house, which usually falls unequally on one person (yep, often a woman!) Now, they’re on a mission to make home life more zen.

The Details

  • Pre-Order: Available starting November 11, 2019.
  • Release Date: December 9, 2019.
  • Availability: ZenDen is available for iOS 13.0+ and iPad.
  • Pricing Model: Free trial for 1 month followed by subscription at $11.99/year or $2.49/month.


Download press kit and all assets here.

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